The Last Blockbuster Store...On Earth!

At its peak in 2004, Blockbuster had over 9000 stores across the country! But, as off the end of March, there will only be one store left - in the whole world! If you wanna relive the nostalgia of browsing through dvds of movies & games, then grabbing a snack near the counter at Blockbuster, you'll have to drive to Bend Oregon to get your fix! The only other Blockbuster store in the world, in Australia, is finally closing!

Our Blockbuster store here in Tupelo was the only one remaining in the state when it closed in May of 2011. Two other popular video stores in town, Hollywood Video and Southern Video, both closed in 2009.

I still remember heading to the video stores on Friday nights with my husband to pick out movies to watch over the weekend. Although I have to admit I DO love my Netflix streaming AND dvd accounts, I do miss being able to physically go into a video store and browse to my heart's content. One more piece of nostalgia to remember of years gone by!



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