2020: Double Trouble in the Gulf?

We've seen seasons where storms lined up behind each other, but THIS is different. We could have two named storms, possibly hurricanes, in the Gulf of Mexico next week.

And the forecast cones right now are overlapping.

Has this ever happened before?

In 1959, there were 2 systems in the Gulf at the same time, but they kept to their separate corners.

In 1933, two systems made landfall at the same time, one in Texas, one in the Florida Keys.

We've had so many firsts already this season... Laura is the earliest "L" storm ever, etc, etc.

It's too early to tell exactly where TS Laura and what's now TD #14 will go or how strong they will be. But the forecasts are enough to make us cringe... it's just so 2020, isn't it?

(Photo: Getty Images)